Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Joy of Fundraising!

It's that time of year! ELFA is gearing up for the growing season and, as a part of that, writing grants and planning fundraisers! If you are interested in being involved or helping support us: take note!

First, we are profoundly grateful to the Elkhart County Community Foundation for the ways they supported us last year. Through the funds they provided us ELFA was able to start a number of gardens, strengthen programming and leadership and grow (and give!) a lot of food!
You can find more information about ECCF here:
Elkhart County Community Foundation

There are some EASY ways to support us, if you are interested. ONE is through Nature's Crossroads, where you can simply buy your seeds for this year (many locally grown!) and a portion of the proceeds will go to ELFA. The link is (and you have to use THIS link in order for proceeds to go to ELFA!)
Nature's Crossroads ELFA Fundraiser

Also, as you are looking at your flower pots, stacked in your basement or barren on your porch, imagine a plethora of beautiful geraniums (white, pink and red) filling them and bringing beauty and joy to your home and neighborhood. YES: it's time for the annual 4-H geranium sale. Single pots sell for $1.25! For more information e-mail
or Caitlin.

And, as always, more than money we are simply excited to have any, and everybody, come and join us and experience the joy of growing food TOGETHER.

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