Thursday, March 29, 2012


As the weather starts turning to spring, we take time to reflect on last year’s bounty. Remembering what did well and what did not. I think about the what, where and when of this year’s planting. The garden consumes my thoughts. It is no longer a hobby, it is an obsession. I love to grow.

With the seeds ordered and the garden tilled, I crave digging in the dirt. I can’t stop thinking about those huge tomatoes we harvested and canned as tomato sauce and salsa. I think about the green beans that graced our dinner plates all winter long. The idea of being able to provide fresh, healthy organic food for my family excites me. What do you have planned for your garden this year? If you do not have room for a garden call or email the Elkhart Local Food Alliance, we can help you find a place to grow.

~ Trisha